Cómo personalizar tu entrenamiento para aumentar las ganancias musculares

Nutrition has always and will always be the most important factor to gaining muscle. How ever there are people who know this perfectly, but are still having trouble with their muscle gains. You have a perfect diet full with lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and good fats, but you are still having problems with your gains.

Well maybe it’s not your diet that is holding you back, maybe it’s your training.

It took me one year of learning and testing until I finally customized my training to a level where it allows me to have incredible muscle gains. Because I am a good guy, I’ve decided to share my experience with you and save you from trouble of having to do everything on your own.

Warm Up
Warming up is an essential component to your muscle gaining quest. It gets your body ready for the upcoming physical tension that you are going to go trough. If you start working out without giving yourself a good warm up, there is a high chance of injuring yourself.

Go to failure
Going to failure is going to push your muscles to the farthest and make incredible changes. If you are afraid of doing it on your own ask a friend to slightly help you. Do not go to failure on each set, only on the last one.

This technique is quite hard even for a professional bodybuilder. It requires a remarkable mental motivation. What I find really helpful is music, it really helps me push trough the last one or two repetitions of the last set. Never doubt your self, not even for a second.

Drop sets
Drop sets are much easier to complete. They are quite similar to the “going to failure” technique. On the last two or three repetitions we are going to lower the weight with 20% so we can completely destroy the muscle group that we are training.

You can choose between going to failure or doing a drop set. In my opinion the drop set is far better because you get to do more reps by slightly lowering the weight. Or you can do both at the same time. On the last rep of your drop set you can go to failure.

The “3:1 technique” is really helpful and you are probably going to see changes after the first two weeks. It is all about controlling the weight. 3 being the time (in seconds) that you lower the weight down and 1 being the time for what you lift the weight up.

You have probably seen a lot of people doing fast repetitions instead of controlling the weight. Do not follow their ways of training, even if they are big (they might be using anabolic steroids).

Drink water
This little tweak to your training is going to make significant changes in muscle gains. Keeping your self hydrated will boost you with energy that will you complete more reps and more sets. Remember this, water is essential to fat loss and muscle gains, be sure you use it in both.