Manera de ganar más masa muscular

Probablemente las preguntas más populares entre los entusiastas del fitness son:

«¿Cómo ganar más masa muscular?»

«¿Qué suplementos debo tomar para ganar más masa?»

«¿Cuál es el secreto para ganar más masa?»

Es como durante los últimos meses que las tres palabras principales que he estado escuchando son «Cómo» y «Masa muscular».

Quiero decir, comprendo totalmente el problema del asunto.

Los hombres solo quieren crecer para poder tener físicos más impresionantes como Mike O’Hearn, Simeon Panda, Steve Cook, Christian Guzman y muchos otros modelos famosos de fitness que tienen, sin duda, un físico impresionante y desarrollado.

No puedo culparte …

The problem however is that most of members the internet community expect to receive some sort of a secret.

A button, if you will, that will enable their bodies to grow to the point where they could finally say that they are happy with themselves.

You can technically do that if you decide to start taking augmenting tools such as steroids.

However, I really do not recommend that you do.

We are trying to keep it healthy here people and a well-known fact around the block is that steroids can cause a lot of internal health issues.

Bodybuilding/Fitness has a whole lot more science wrapped around it than you might possibly think.

It’s not just following somebody’s techniques on the internet and waiting for the results but actually using logical and analytical tools to reach to a final decision that will ultimately lead to your muscle development.

I know that sounds very hypocritical but just bare with me here.

The reason why I am writing this article in the first place is because I know how hard it may be fore most of you out there to find a valid source of information.

I have been training for approximately 10 years now and if there is anything that I’ve learned from bodybuilding is that the best way for you to learn is through your own mistakes.

You try something, you fail.

You read up about why you failed and any potential information that might help you understand what is it that you need to change in order to reach your final goal.

You modify or improve your technique and try again, and again, and again until you reach to the final destination and finally understand the mechanic hidden behind it.

And I am not going to lie to you, it’s frustrating, it takes time, nerves and stresses you to the point where you start wondering ‘What the hell is wrong with my body!?’ it’s like your body refuses to grow in size, right ?

That is why I am here, to help you learn of this, not through trial and error, so that you can not waste approximately 2-3 years of your training lifestyle.

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